Oh. Hello. I’m Jeff Damron. Nice to meet you. Oceanside, California is home with my lovely and talented wife. Photography is what this website is all about - photographs that capture the sea, surfing, the outdoors, travel, and any hint of the lifestyle surrounding the salty people. All photographs are taken by me with a variety of color and black and white 35mm film. Welcome.
Photograsurfer is my pseudonym I suppose.….a mix of surfer and photographer. I consider myself many other things, a jack of all trades like my Uncle Paul, but photograartistgreasemonkeycurlerchocolatelover doesn’t have the same ring to it. Over 10 years ago I took a few black and white film photography classes learning the basics of making photos and developing film. And even though I loved those classes, photography slipped away while I finished college and then moved on to my first “real” job as a 3d artist. After a few years of toiling long hours, a few things happened that helped me dust off the camera and start shooting again. I got married, started surfing, and became unemployed. Being unemployed gave me lots of time. Getting married introduced me to photographer James Johnson, who has become a great friend and mentor to me till this very day. He shot our wedding on film. I loved it. Seeing those photographs, the mood, the light, the grain….all of it helped remind me how great shooting film is. But it was in those early days of surfing that I was really inspired to start shooting again. Becoming a part of the surf culture and lifestyle just opens the door for an artist to be creative. And so photograsurfer started. I took photos when I could during my next 3d artist gig, cycling through shooting, developing, scanning, and storing the negatives away in a shoebox for some rainy day. I wasn’t naive. My photos were garbage back then. I had no desire to show them to anyone. I just wanted to get better and it has taken a mountain of negatives before anything good started to emerge. I was a kook, if surfing vocabulary carried over, but I didn’t care. Shooting film from some old camera was the cure from my day to day work involving computer screens and pixels. Work assignments could take days, weeks, or even months to complete….so turning a few dials and pressing the shutter button to capture a simple moment, framed just so to remove the unnecessary, was becoming as exciting as surfing. I strive to take good photos in the camera, using what I know to make decisions before I press the shutter button. I stand by what my light box and loupe tell me when I first get the negatives back and so I strive to keep any post work to a level of what could be done in a darkroom…burning, dodging, adding a vignette, etc. Call it analog or call it old school, it’s what feels right for me in this moment.

#filmisnotdead #keepfilmalive

Thanks for reading my story and looking at my photographs. Want to know something else or have comments, I love to get emails.